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Services We Offer

Primary Healthcare for Men, Women and Children.
Mental Health Services On-Site
Sonya Keopanya – On-site licensed independent mental health practitioner. 
We offer drug and alcohol screening, assessments and intensive outpatient treatment and address issues ranging from self esteem, stress management, employment, family, marriage, suicide, health and a wide range of emotional and behavior issues. We work with individuals to improve mental health and have on-site medical providers to prescribe appropriate mental health prescriptions. In addition, we work with people to define goals to provide a healthier lifestyle.

Mental health services for children 5 years and older. 
Primary health care for children age 2 and older, and for men and women.
Choice Family Health Care clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants and educators. Our clinic services include: 
  A medical history
 •  A physical exam
  Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  Pregnancy testing and options education
  Birth control options, including abstinence and natural family planning
  HIV education and testing
  Birth control supplies
  Emergency contraception
  Pap smear follow-up
  Colposcopy and biopsy  
  Referrals for further medical care, as needed 
  Provider for the Every Woman Matters Program, providing breast and cervical cancer screening for women 40 years and older
  Cardiovascular and diabetes screening
  Colorectal screening
  Cholesterol screening  
  DNA parentage testing 
Staff are available to: 
Provide accurate information about pregnancy, including referrals for care and information about options. Staff provide information in a non-directional and non-judgemental manner.
Offer Medicaid presumptive eligibility enrollment
Offer Every Woman Matters eligibility enrollment
Services for Men: 
Physical exams
STI testing and treatment
Testicular cancer screening
HIV testing and referral